318 Thai terrorists have turned selves in this year
... as the violence continues
318 suspected terrorists insurgents turned themselves in to authorities during the past year, according to the latest report about southern Thailand. They were encouraged to surrender under the armed forces' Pha Khon Klap Ban (take people home) campaign.

Defense spokesman Thanathip Sawasaeng said, "Because of our attempts to build their trust in the officers, the suspects, who were believed to have left home to join separatist groups in Muslim-dominated provinces, have decided to report to the government."

Meanwhile, two volunteer rangers from a teacher protection unit were killed yesterday in Pattani province.

In Narathiwat province, five defense volunteers were seriously injured in a bomb blast yesterday morning. The volunteers were attacked as they responded to an earlier blast. No one was hurt by the first bomb but the attackers detonated a second device buried under the road. The five defense volunteers were seriously injured and their vehicle was badly damaged.

In Songkhla province, Samsudee Lateh, said to be former member of the Patani United Liberation Organization was killed in a drive-by shooting yesterday afternoon as he left a mosque.
Posted by: ryuge 2013-07-06