Abu Qatada lands in Jordan from Britain
Cleric Abu Qatada arrived in Amman on Sunday after Britain deported him to face terror charges ending a decade-long legal battle, a Jordanian government official said.
The riddance is good! Now the Brits can start working on the bucketfooting tangle of courts that the bastard exploited to keep from being dumped. If a nation can't flush its own toilet there's something dreadfully wrong.
"Abu Qatada landed at Marka airport in east Amman," the official said. "He was escorted by British and Jordanian guards, who handed him over to state security court prosecutors."
Enjoy the beatings the Jordanians promised not to do, Abu...
The military tribunal lies just outside the airport.

Abu Qatada's father, brothers and other family members stood outside the courthouse waiting for his arrival, an AFP photographer reported.

Abu Qatada, 53, was taken from prison in an armoured police van to a military airfield on the outskirts of London, from which he was flown out of Britain at 0146 GMT.
With any luck we'll never hear of him again...

Posted by: Steve White 2013-07-08