Puntland forces repel Bossaso prison attack, 'no escapees'
BOSSASO, Somalia -- Sources in Puntland’s port city of Bossaso in northern Somalia say that an overnight attack on Bossaso Prison resulted in casualties, but confirmed that “no inmates escaped” during the bold attack, Garowe Online reports.
Now THAT's how you stop a prison break...
An armed group attacked Bossaso Prison around 11.30pm Friday night local time, using machineguns and hand grenades, according to Puntland security officials in Bossaso who spoke to Garowe Online news agency.

The officials confirmed that at least that three Puntland prison officers were wounded during the overnight attack.

“We repelled the attack, inflicted casualties on the attackers who fled away, and Puntland security forces rushed to help us,” said the officer during a telephone interview.

He confirmed that at least one of the dead attackers’ body was left behind and “would be properly identified in the morning”
...before it starts to stink too badly...
and confirmed that “no inmates escaped”, an indication that the attackers wanted to free some inmates but failed.

Bossaso residents who spoke with Garowe Online reported witnessing “more security forces on the streets” as government forces searched for the attackers.

No group has claimed responsibility for the nighttime attack on Bossaso Prison, whereby dangerous criminals, including convicted terrorists, killers and pirates are serving long prison sentences. Al Shabaab militants have previously attack Bossaso’s southern checkpoint, but this is the first bold attack on the city’s main prison facility, which is well-guarded by Puntland security forces.

This is a developing story, as the attack occurred only two hours ago from the time of publishing this report and it is still nighttime. A public statement is expected from Puntland officials Saturday morning.
Posted by: Steve White 2013-11-09