Roadside bomb kills two policemen in southern Thailand
Two police officers were killed and another seriously wounded in a roadside bomb explosion in Narathiwat province yesterday evening. The body of Pol L/C Vorawut Wongjarut was found near the blast scene. Two other officers sustained serious wounds. One of them was pronounced dead on arrival at hospital.

The three officers had been assigned to escort teachers to school. They were traveling in a pickup truck on their way back to Rangae police station when the roadside bomb was detonated.

Meanwhile, three military rangers providing security for teachers were wounded in a bomb explosion on a road in Pattani province yesterday afternoon. Witnesses said six rangers were on foot patrol when the bomb went off.

In another development, Thailand's Supreme Court yesterday upheld a life sentence given to a key figure in a southern separatist movement who was convicted of rebellion for raiding and stealing weapons froma military camp in 2004. Rosdi Mayama was a member of the separatist Barisan Revolusi Nasional group. He was charged with rebellion, using force in the cause of separatism, procuring weapons, assault, robbery and receiving stolen items.

Prosecutors in 2008 accused him of leading the separatist group that attempted to form an independent state of Patani or Patani Darussalam. He was originally given the death sentence in 2009, which was later commuted to life in prison due to his cooperation during the investigation.
Posted by: ryuge 2013-11-16