Merely a hunch
I should hate to be accused of Optimism, so let me begin by disavowing everything I am about to say. The case I will develop, very briefly & without statistical support, is only a hunch. It is one of those “gut feelings” which develops from taking in the news & the washing; from checking email, tweets, facebookings, & graffitoes; from remembering the history of the last few years, as reported through unreliable media; & then smelling the air. Ideally, one would also consult the Almagest, & carefully examine the entrails of birds on a marble slab; but I’ve been too much distracted by other tasks, up here in the High Doganate.

My hunch is that a backlash is finally forming against what is (inadequately) called “political correctness.” What the effect of this backlash will be, upon the operation of our Western mobocracies, anyone may guess. But it is probably worse news for our “progressive” enemies than for those who live in “regressive” brick houses: a kind of hurricane forming in the vicinity of their ideological trailer park. A good hurricane lifts all shingles, however, so we should count on plenty of damage all round.
Posted by: g(r)omgoru 2013-11-18