Jaysh al-Islam kills 25 soldiers east Damascus: statement
[EN.ZAMANALWSL.NET] Jaysh al-Islam has killed 25 Syrian regime soldiers in a surprise attack, the main rebel group in Eastern Ghouta Suburbs said in statement Sunday.

The Saudi-backed group launched a surprise attack late on Saturday on military posts in Deir Salman and al-Zamania villages east of Syrian capital, leaving 25 soldiers dead and dozens maimed, according to the statement.

Islam Army has seize a large number of weapons, the statement said.

Eastern Ghouta district has witnessed a fierce fighting between Islamist groups and Bashir al-Assad forces.

Activists say Assad wants to raise his supporters morale by making gains on the ground near Damascus but the remarkable victories of the armed opposition have embarrassed him as well as have increased the panic state among Alawite minority.

Posted by: Fred 2015-05-12