Arabs Target Children in Pakistan

Toy bomb kills four students near Wana
WANA: A toy bomb, shaped like a football killed four students, aged 8 to 12 years in Sarwakai sub-division in South Waziristan on Friday. Among the dead were two brothers, Sherullah and Babar Khan, sons of Aziz Khan. Eyewitnesses said one of them had kicked the toy football, triggering an explosion that killed him and his brother on the spot. Two other students, Ahad Khan, son of Nurjan, and Shah Hussain, son of Muhammad Hashim, were critically wounded in the blast and were rushed to hospitals in Tank and Dera Ismail Khan. They succumbed to their injuries on the way.
I'd call the guys who did this bastards, but that's a insult to bastards.
A fifth student, Sher Ghulam, son of Sherbad Khan, was seriously injured and had to be transported to distant Dera Ismail Khan for treatment. With his leg badly wounded, the unfortunate boy was hospitalised at the District Headquarters Hospital in the city. All the students belonged to the Mahsud sub-tribe of Shamankhel, which a day earlier had decided through its elders to allow Army to move in their area and deny sanctuaries to the militants.
So the valiant fighters of islam decide to blow up the children to punish them.
You seriously didn't expect them to take on the A-team, did you? Not the "Heroes of Islam".
Villagers and government officials said the students were on their way to school from Bangashwala when the incident took place. All were students of the Shaoor Primary School, located near the militants-infested Barwand town. Eyewitnesses said the football, containing explosives, was lying by the roadside and placed nearby was a currency note of Rs 100. The two objects aroused the curiosity of the children.
Just like they planned
As they walked closer to the toy football, one of the students kicked it with his foot. The next moment, there was a loud explosion that blew up the students and prompted tribesmen to rush to the site of the blast.

AFP adds: Military spokesman Maj-Gen Shaukat Sultan said security forces were later involved in a shootout with militants during which one man was killed and another wounded and arrested. "Both the foreign terrorists were planting an explosive device on a road when security forces surrounded them... (and) opened fire," he said.
Think I'd prefer being the dead guy.

Posted by: Fawad 2004-10-02