Curious Hostage brother's 'home searched.'
The brother of Ken Bigley says he lost two days of his campaign for the Iraq hostage's release when intelligence officers sought evidence at his home.
Just exactly what is the true nature of that "campaign?"
Paul Bigley said UK and Dutch officers visited his Amsterdam home and copied computer files relating to his dealings with contacts over the kidnapping. "I lost two days... I was preoccupied," Paul Bigley told BBC News 24.
Can I get a big Whaaa!
But a Foreign Office spokesman said: "No British officials of any kind have raided Paul Bigley's home."
sounds like someone is full of somthing smelly

"I had nothing to hide," he told BBC News 24. "Of course I would co-operate with the authorities - that is the first thing that any good citizen should do. I did that. But there are ways of going about these things.
Yes and possible double dealing isn't one of them we would hope.

Posted by: Sock Puppet of Doom 2004-10-02