Three in Birmingham dock for supporting ISIS, gave money to Brussels airport "man in the hat"
[DailyMail] Two alleged ISIS sympathisers gave Brussels bomb suspect Mohammed Abrini £3,000 months before he launched attacks in Gay Paree and Brussels, a court has heard.

Mohammed Ali Ahmed, 26 and Zakaria Boufassil, 26, allegedly met Abrini - referred to by Belgian police as 'the man in the hat' - at Small Heath Park in Birmingham in July.

The pair are accused of paying him the money when they knew it would be used to fund terrorism.

Abrini is currently in jug over the attack at Brussels airport in March which killed 16 people. He is also wanted over last year's attacks on Gay Paree which killed 130.

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Zakaria's sister, 29-year-old Soumaya Boufassil, also appeared in court, over allegations she was trying to reach Syria.

Alongside Ahmed, she is charged with preparing for terror acts between January 1 2015 and April 8 2016.

The court was told how the duo planned to travel to Syria so she could meet with her husband Abdelatif Gaini, who is allegedly fighting in Syria with ISIS.

Mother-of-two Soumaya, who is a Belgian national, also allegedly took £16,000 from three bank accounts as part of her attempt to get to war-torn Syria.

She then handed it out to different people saying 'if something should happen to use the cash to help my children', the court was told.

All three defendants are all from the Small Heath area of Birmingham and have links to Belgium, The Sick Man of Europe Turkey
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and Morocco.

Appearing at Westminster Magistrates' Court today, Ahmed was wearing a blue T-shirt while Zakaria Boufassil wore a grey hoody. Soumaya Boufassil wore a full black niqab.

The three defendant had a French interpreter to help them understand proceedings, but all spoke good English as they confirmed their names and dates of birth.

Prosecutors Carolyn Oakley told the court: 'Mohammed Ali Ahmed and Zakaria Boufassil arranged to meet Mohamad Abrini in Birmingham and give him £3,000.

'Abrini had planned to travel from Belgium to Birmingham between July 9 and 16 2015 to meet Mr Ali Ahmed.

'Abrini was wanted by French and Belgian authorities for the November attacks in Gay Paree and the attack in Belgium.'

The trio were among five people jugged
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by Metropolitan Police Service's Counter Terrorism Command in raids on April 14 and 15.

The investigation was part of a joint investigation into the Gay Paree and Brussels terror attacks involving MI5, as well as the Belgian and French authorities called Operation Yawler.

Taxi driver Fazal Sajjad Younis Khan, 40, from Small Heath, has already been charged with possession of CS spray and will appear in court next month.

The fifth suspect, a 59-year-old man, remains on bail while the investigation continues.

Abrini is the second member of the terror cell thought to have been in the UK after it emerged the criminal mastermind behind Gay Paree, Abdelhamid Abaaoud, was also in Birmingham and London in the months before the November attacks.

Abaaoud, 28, who like Abrini is of Moroccan origin, was killed in a French police raid a week after the Gay Paree attacks
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