Democrats don’t know how to run against Trump
[WASHINGTONPOST] Trump, as the underdog, is not without some advantages. First, the selfish interest of the news media demands there be a close race. So for the next few months, the media will ensure the race stays competitive and will sustain wall-to-wall coverage of every insult and barb. Much of the media will do Trump’s work for him by simply repeating what he says. He knows how to effectively leverage the media.

Trump doesn’t do policy and poise very well, but policy and poise are boring. The media likes the bile and blood that spews from the Trump campaign, and they will help spread it around. The sooner the race becomes "Shouting Hillary" vs. "Insulting Trump," the more the media will like it. And, oh by the way, in elections where there are a lot of heat and venom, turnout goes up, not down.

Another "advantage" Trump has is that nothing is out of bounds for him, there’s no place he won’t go and nothing is too low. Most recently, Trump actually thought a good way to sully Ted Cruz before the Indiana primary would be to push the National Enquirer story that Cruz’s father had some proximity to the JFK liquidation. What will he not do? If it hadn’t happened, I would have told you it was impossible for a real candidate to stoop so low.

We can only imagine the outrageous insults and taunts Trump will lob at Clinton, her surrogates, her staff, her contributors, her family and her sympathizers. Nothing and nobody is off-limits, and everybody will tune in to hear the latest. Will Clinton and crew respond in kind? Respond at all? Wait? Wait until when? Before the convention? After the convention? October? Trump will dish it out, he can take it and none of his tactics have caught up with him so far. Trump has high negatives, but elections are relative. He needs only a 50 percent market share against one opponent on one day in November. Clinton’s brand is already sullied, and running against Trump will not be a flattering experience.

The Donald puts everyone on their back foot, especially anybody who thinks campaigns should be conducted with a set of rules and with a modicum of dignity. Trump has been selling and nurturing grievances and he will be eager to goad Clinton into a fight. When the polls tighten, she will face cries to "fight back" -- and when she does, she will be on Trump’s turf and anything could happen.

Posted by: Fred 2016-05-06