Jakarta bombing mastermind to be charged in June
[Channel News Asia] Convicted terrorist and Daesh advocate Aman Abdurrahman will be charged in June for planning the January 14 terror attack in Jakarta.

Tito Karnavian, chief of Indonesia's National Counter-Terrorism Agency, said Aman's involvement was clear. He said, "There is no difficulty (in establishing). There are already many witnesses that have been investigated."

Aman was earlier identified as the suspected mastermind in the Jakarta blasts, carried out by four members of a terror network. All four, along with four bystanders were killed in the bombings.

Aman was previously convicted for his role in setting up a Jemaah Islamiyah training camp in Aceh in 2009. The 44-year-old cleric is currently serving eight years in a maximum security prison in Central Java.

Tito said that Aman was supposed to be released from prison in 2018. On the impending charges, Tito said, "There is still time. There is no need to rush."
Posted by: ryuge 2016-05-11