Feds Threaten to Shut Down DC Transportation
Sorta like North Carolina
US Department of Transportation Secretary Foxx says he is considering shutting down the Metro in Washington, D.C., after a series of a electrical incidents. "We have the ability to withhold funds from Metro. We have the ability to shut Metro down, and we're not afraid to use it," he said. The Department of Transportation believes too much electricity flows through the subway system.
Too much electricity? You mean too much power? Or too many amperes? Draws too much current for the overworked, underfunded, antiquated power distribution system?
The Federal Transit Administration, issued a series of emergency safety directives to Metro officials on Saturday that included steps to reduce power throughout the rail system. One recommendation is to cut the number of railcars per train from eight to six. That would make trains far more crowded at peak hours.
I've ridden those trains at peak hours. There is no more room for more people. Literally. Remember, Metro is funded mostly by the adjacent states, not the Feds, since it serves to deliver the workers from those states to the federal sweatshops, without overloading state highways.
The subway system is used by about 700,000 riders a day.
That's 350,000 more cars in the morning, and the same 350,000 cars in the evening. Unless the federal workers are permitted to work from home. Or maybe just the disadvantaged ones.
Posted by: Bobby 2016-05-11