Dam at North Korea power plant partly collapsed, source says
A power plant Kim Jong Un touted during the Seventh Party Congress may be leaking at various points due to shoddy construction.

Mount Paektu power plants Nos. 1, 2 and 3 in Yanggang Province are experiencing problems due to a nationwide policy that stressed the importance of speed over safety checks, South Korean news agency Yonhap reported.
Whereas here in America we prioritize slow, plodding development over cost.
The construction took place hastily in order to meet a deadline ahead of the congress, which opened Friday and closed Monday.

Kim's call for a "70-day battle," a mass mobilization movement that required ordinary North Koreans to volunteer free labor, has not had the results the state had expected, according to an unnamed source who provided satellite images of the power station.
Really? Is it possible that Pudgy is as stupid as 0bean?
Images indicate a dam at the power station was showing cracks in several areas, and a part of the dam wall had collapsed.

The satellite images taken Sunday also showed a spillway had been built to drain surplus water from the reservoir and the hydroelectric power plants.

Last October, Kim had ordered the completion of Mount Paektu Hero Youth Power Station No. 3 by Aug. 28, or national youth day.

The state then held a "completion" ceremony for the power station on April 28, and Kim recently told the congress the power station had been "built well," thanks to the "indomitable spirit" of young workers.
But I thought Pudgy had X-ray vision . . . .
But a source on the issue said the construction took place at subzero temperatures, and the pouring of concrete took place at -22 degrees Fahrenheit.
That sounds a bit on the chilly side to me. But I'm not a CE.
Workers were also not adequately clothed or fed during the construction, and due to the lack of safety equipment, dozens of people were injured on site.

Construction workers were not compensated and have complained about their treatment, another source told Yonhap.
I wonder how many will be sent to reeducation camps for this.
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