Kosovo court convicts Serb on terror charges
[RFE/RL] A court in Kosovo court sentenced a Serb to 13 years in jail for "attempted terrorist" activities after he was arrested in Pristina in a vehicle loaded with more than 11 kilograms of explosives.

The court on June 29 found Slobodan Gavric guilty of "intent to intimidate and destabilize the population, and...to destroy the most important political, constitutional, economic, and social structures" of Kosovo.

A veterinarian employed in the Serbian Agriculture Ministry, Gavric was arrested on December 25, 2014, when police stopped him in an area of Pristina with many embassies. The bombs in his vehicle included "a powerful explosive, combined with fragments of metal, bolts, and nails," the court said.

Gavric has denied the charges, claiming he was trying to sell the explosives, not use them. His lawyers said they would appeal the verdict.

Police refused to speculate on his intended target, but local media said the target may have been the Catholic cathedral in the city center close to the arrest site, which was filled with hundreds of Christmas worshipers.
Posted by: ryuge 2016-07-01