Finsbury Park van attacker: 'Darren? He's a bloody psycho': Ex-friends say dad-of-four terror suspect who split from partner six months ago is a heavy-drinking brawler who was thrown out of pub for cursing Muslims day before attack
Attempted suicide by cop with a Muslim escort after his life fell apart?
  • The 47-year-old arrested on suspicion of murder and terror charges is named as Darren Osborne, from Cardiff

  • He is accused of driving van into crowd outside Muslim Welfare House near Finsbury Park Mosque at 12.20am

  • Father-of-four was born in Singapore but grew up in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, and now lives in Cardiff

  • White suspect 'yelled: 'I'm going to kill all Muslims - I did my bit' and smiled, waved and blew kisses at public'

  • Imam and other worshippers pinned him down as he urged them to kill him but they kept him there until arrest

  • Drinkers in his local pub in Cardiff have this evening claimed he was thrown out on Saturday after being drunk

  • Muslims were leaving taraweeh, late night prayers observed during the festival of Ramadan when the van hit

  • One confirmed fatality is a man who was receiving first aid from members of the public at a bus stop nearby

  • In the months before the alleged terrorist attack, jobless mechanic Osborne was on a downward spiral and his relationship with the mother of his children was on the rocks, locals said.

Posted by: trailing wife 2017-06-20