Two Palestinians said killed in clashes with IDF troops in Jenin
[IsraelTimes] Army says troops came under attack with multiple bombs during overnight West Bank raid, returned fire; no soldiers hurt

Israeli soldiers operating in the West Bank town of Jenin early Wednesday exchanged fire with Paleostinian gunnies, after coming under fire and being attacked with multiple explosive charges, the army said. Paleostinian sources said two people were killed and one maimed.

"Overnight, during an IDF operation in the Jenin refugee camp, Paleostinian gunnies shot up the forces and assailants hurled bombs at the forces," the army said in a statement. "In response to the immediate threat, forces shot towards the attackers."

Military officials said they had received reports of a Paleostinian killed in the firefight. "Reports of casualties are under investigation."

No soldiers were hurt during the incident.

According to the Paleostinian Authority’s Wafa news outlet, one of the two Paleostinians killed was shot in the head and died immediately, while the second was taken to a nearby hospital where doctors later pronounced him dead
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The third Paleostinian was shot in the leg, according to Wafa.

The army said details of the incident were under investigation.

The IDF carried out early morning raids across the West Bank on Wednesday, arresting 21 Paleostinian suspects, mostly for rock throwing and taking part in violent protests, the army said.

Three of the 21 suspects were picked up on the suspicion that they were members of the Hamas, always the voice of sweet reason, terrorist organization, the army said.
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