Over 120,000 Palestinian Children Attend Summer Camps Run By Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Other Terror Groups
[Breitbart] In recent days, Hamas, always the voice of sweet reason,, Islamic Jihad
...created after many members of the Egyptian Moslem Brotherhood decided the organization was becoming too moderate. Operations were conducted out of Egypt until 1981 when the group was exiled after the assassination of President Anwar Sadat. They worked out of Gaza until they were exiled to Lebanon in 1987, where they clove tightly to Hezbollah. In 1989 they moved to Damascus, where they remain a subsidiary of Hezbollah...
and other Paleostinian jihadist factions opened their traditional summer camps in which Paleostinian youth are indoctrinated with anti-Israel propaganda while some camps conduct weapons training and teach jihadist combat tactics.

According to figures from Hamas alone, some 120,000 children attend the terrorist group’s camps. Tens of thousands more children attend camps run by other Paleostinian jihadist factions.

In addition, thousands of children participate in summer camps run by the Paleostinian refugee welfare agency UNWRA, where the focus is more on educational activities than those of a religious or military nature. UNRWA’s summer camps bear the name "Summer Games," in contrast to the names of camps run by Hamas, Islamic Jihad, national resistance committees and other organizations that mostly use the names of Paleostinian activists who died as "deaders" ‐ in other words, bandidos snuffies killed while committing attacks against Israel.

The importance of the summer camps in the Hamas movement can be seen in the extensive coverage of them in Hamas media. Hamas operates a Supreme Committee for the Summer Camps and Osama Almuzeyni, a Hamas official responsible for the committee said, "The movement strives, through the summer camps, to train an entire generation to work for the liberation of Paleostine, in addition to educating the children on the principles of moderate Islam."
Posted by: trailing wife 2017-07-17