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Chancellor Angela Merkel rejects refugee limit for Germany in TV interview
16 July
[DW] The German chancellor has defied calls from her sister party to limit the number of refugees entering Germany. In a wide-ranging interview she defended the G20 summit in Hamburg and spending on infrastructure.

Quiet Italy hamlets struggle with migrant 'human warehouses'
15 July
[TheLocal] Two years with hundreds of asylum seekers packed into overcrowded centres are taking their toll -- on both migrants and villagers.

'I feel great shame': Swedish police chief's Facebook post slamming asylum policy goes viral
13 July
[TheLocal.se] A Swedish police chief's Facebook post slamming the country's asylum policy has struck a chord, provoking more than 13,000 reactions and over 7,000 shares in two days.

"We deport kids who have integrated into Swedish society at the same time as we take in people who come back from fighting in Syria who have no other plan than to destroy our safety. We also fail to enforce the deportation of major criminals, who instead are allowed to stay because their lives are at risk if they’re sent back. The lives of young people are also in danger. No one can guarantee their safety after they land in Addis Ababa, Mogadishu or Kabul," the Swede elaborates.

Romanian police detain 16 migrants from Iraq, Iran, Syria
12 July
[AlAhram] Romanian border police have detained 16 migrants from Iraq, Syria and Iran who were hidden in a truck transporting dishes to Sweden. Police stopped the truck that was driven by a Turkish citizen early Wednesday at the Romanian-Hungarian border and discovered the migrants in the back.

A police statement said they found nine men and seven women, most of them asylum-seekers in Romania. They told police they wanted to illegally cross the border to reach a country in the visa-free Schengen travel zone. Hungary is a member of that zone but Romania is not.

The truck documents said the metal dishes were to be delivered to a company in Sweden. The driver told police he didn't know about the hidden migrants.

From Breitbart - Europe migrant crisis:
Italy Considering ‘Nuclear Option’ to Send Migrants Into Northern Europe
15 July
Senior Italian government figures are threatening to issue European Union visas to 200,000 migrants, allowing them to travel throughout the bloc’s Schengen Zone.

As Migrant Crisis Intensifies, Italy Debates Citizenship Rights
14 July
With a flood of migrants arriving on Italy’s shores, a bitter debate has erupted over whether children born on Italian soil to foreign parents should have citizenship rights at birth.

Migration Agency Slammed After Asking Homosexual Asylum Seekers To Prove They Are Gay
14 July
The German Federal Agency for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) has come under fire for asking asylum seekers intimate sexual questions in order to prove they are homosexual. Gay and Lesbian groups have criticised BAMF after a report claimed that the agency

Four Thousand African Migrants Picked Up off Libyan Coast, Shuttled to Italy
13 July
Between Wednesday and Thursday, the Italian Coast Guard coordinated more than 20 rescue operations off the coast of Libya, bringing some 4,100 African migrants to Italy.

Migrant Crisis: EU to Fund Libyan Coastguard to Combat People Smuggling
13 July
European Union member states have agreed to pay 100 euros a week to new recruits in the Libyan coastguard to boost the number of officers to tackle people smuggling.

Leftists Slam ‘Special School’ for Undereducated Migrants as ‘Apartheid’
13 July
The Berlin refugee council has criticised the opening of a special school for asylum seekers who have little to no education saying that keeping them separate from other students is like “apartheid”.

Italy to Meet with Libyan Mayors to End People Smuggling
12 July
Italian Interior Minister Marco Minniti plans to fly to Libya later this week where he is expected to meet with mayors of various Libyan cities to discuss bringing an end to people smuggling in the country.

Italians Say Government Committing ‘Ethnic Replacement’ — Poll
11 July
The majority of Italians want to see migrant arrivals stopped completely, and believe the ‘ius soli’ law being pushed by Italy’s globalist government is “ethnic replacement”, enacted to boost the proportion of left wing voters in the nation.

Viktor Orban: European Union Is Following ‘Soros Migrant Plans’
10 July
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has claimed the European Union are implementing migration plans designed by left-wing billionaire Geroge Soros to bring in a million migrants per year to Europe with the help of his army of NGOs.

85 Syrian Migrants Arrive on Cyprus in Boat from Turkey
9 July
A Cyprus police spokesman says 85 Syrian migrants who arrived by boat to the island’s northwestern coast have now been taken to a reception centre.

Italy Makes Demands for Migrant Rescue NGOs Wanting to Use Ports
9 July
The Italian government has released its eleven-point migrant code of conduct which must be followed by pro-migrant NGOs or they will not be allowed to use Italian ports.

From the Daily Mail:
EU border agency warns that 85,000 migrants have reached Italy - mostly on boats from Libya - in 2017, a rise of 21% from last year
Most of the migrants came on boats from Libya, with 24,800 coming in June alone. The majority were from Guinea, Nigeria, Bangladesh and the Ivory Coast.

Sweden intensifies its crackdown on illegal immigrants with sweeps on workplaces after a failed asylum-seeker killed five people in Stockholm attack
Swedish police have been handed increased powers to raid workplaces for illegal migrants and handed an extra $95m in funding as the country cracks down following the Stockholm truck attack.

Police are accused of POISONING migrants at Calais by contaminating water supplies with tear gas in a bid to stop a new build-up of asylum seekers heading for Britain
A leading charity in the French port town of Calais sparked outrage after tweeting a photo of two jerrycans allegedly full of contaminated water.

The £15million migrant farce: EU naval mission aimed at stopping mass migration has made the flow WORSE and has led to an increase in deaths
The £15.2 million operation – which includes the UK – to tackle people-smuggling operations had not ‘in any meaningful way’ deterred migrants or disrupted the criminal networks.

Fire breaks out in a Lesbos refugee camp that houses more than 1,000 migrants ‘who had just been told they were to be deported’
Images show huge flames coming out of buildings as a fire broke out at the Moria Refugee Camp, which houses more than 1,000 refugees, on the Greek Island of Lesbos on Monday.

From Breitbart - immigration:
Gay Couple Brutally Attacked in German Asylum Home
15 July
A Serbian homosexual couple who applied for asylum in Germany were brutally beaten almost to death by residents in an asylum home earlier this week, according to a gay rights activist.

Denmark Will Fund Contraception Aid for Africa to ‘Limit Migration Pressure on Europe’
14 July
Denmark has committed to spend 91 million kroner (£11 million) funding contraceptives in Africa, asserting that the measure could help “limit the migration pressure on Europe.”

‘Junior Jihadi’ Was in Care of Known Islamist Before Attempted Attack
13 July
The 13-year-old “junior jihadi” who attempted to plant nail bombs at a German Christmas market was in the care of a known Salafist psychologist according to new reports. The organisation involved has now changed their policy so that volunteers will have to submit a background check first before they will be able to work with children as a result of the case.

Germany Expecting up to 300,000 More Syrian, Iraqi Migrants in 2017 Through Family Reunification Rules
12 July
The Federal Government has estimated that family reunion rules will see Germany receive hundreds of thousands more Syrian and Iraqi migrants this year.

Dutch School Gave Muslim Pupils 500 Euros Compensation Because Class Photo Day Fell During Ramadan
12 July
Two Muslim children, both sisters, missed a school class photograph in the Hague during Eid al-Adha and as a result, the school has compensated the pair 500 euros. Their parents had demanded 10,000.

Sweden’s Population Growth Second Highest in EU Due to Mass Migration
12 July
Newly released European Union statistics show that Sweden’s population has grown by over one per cent in 2016 largely as a result of mass migration rather than an increased birthrate.

Austrian City Bans Pork in Kindergartens to Accommodate Muslim Children
11 July
Salzburg has banned pork in city-run kindergartens in what local officials have defended saying it meets the needs of Muslim children.

‘Sanctuary City’ Plan for Poland Fails as Opposition Party Clashes With Public Opinion
11 July
Plans by the opposition party to present a list of towns and cities in Poland who are ready to welcome refugees, in a bid to undermine the government’s tough stance on migration, have fallen through after local authorities refused to back the initiative.

French Archbishop on ‘the Great Replacement’: ‘Muslims Calmly Tell You France Will Be Theirs One Day’
11 July
The Roman Catholic Archbishop of Strasbourg Luc Ravel has called attention to the demographic shift in France saying Muslims are having far more children than native French and slammed the widespread “promotion” of abortion.

Islamist ‘Morality Police’ Using Violence, Intimidation to Enforce Shariah Law in Germany
9 July
Islamist gangs are using violence and intimidation to enforce Shariah law in parts of Germany, particularly against Chechen and Chechen-origin women in Berlin, according to reports.
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