Clan battle leaves 4 dead in Lower Shabelle region
[SHABELLENEWS] A Somali official says at least four people, including children died in a heavy inter-clan fighting broke out Sunday in Lower Shabelle region of southern Somalia.

The deadly skirmish erupted ay Bulo-Yarey, a small settlement located approximately 15Km north of Afgoye near Mogadishu following deadlock over the possession of farming fields in the area.

Several people were reported to have been maimed in the festivities between the warring clan militiamen, and rushed to a hospital in Afgoye to receive medical treatment, according to residents.

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the district administration of Afgoye has released a statement, calling on the two sides to stop the fighting and seek a way out for their standoff that led to the hostility.

The escalating tribal conflict has caused a massive displacement by the locals who are in fear of the crossfire, according to a resident who spoke to Radio Shabelle over the phone.

Posted by: Fred 2017-07-17