Afghan forces once again foil militants bid to smuggle 13 children to Pakistan
[Khaama] The Afghan national defense and security forces have once again thwarted a bid by the anti-government armed Death Eaters to smuggle thirteen children to Pakistain.

According to the local security officials in Ghazni, the children were rescued in Qarabagh district as the Death Eaters were looking to smuggle them to Pakistain via Paktia province.

Acting provincial police chief Mustafa Mayar said the Death Eaters were apparently looking to smuggle the children so that they can be enrolled into the Madrasas for militancy trainings.

He said at least three people who were looking to smuggle the children were also locked away
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by the security forces.

This comes as at least twenty five children were rescued during a similar operation in Ghazni province as the Death Eaters were looking to smuggle them to Pakistain.

The latest attempts by the Lion of Islam groups to recruit children for the militancy comes as the Human Rights Watch (HRW) says Taliban
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forces in Afghanistan have added scores of children to their ranks since mid-2015 in violation of the international prohibition on the use of child soldiers.

The rights group’s research shows that the Taliban have been training and deploying children for various military operations, including the production and planting of improvised bombs (IED).
Posted by: trailing wife 2017-07-17