Jordanian sentenced to life for killing US trainers
[Al Jazeera] A Jordanian soldier was sentenced on Monday to life in prison after being convicted of killing three US military trainers outside an army base last year.

The military court in Amman found 39-year-old Maarik al-Tawaiha guilty of shooting the trainers as they waited to enter the King Faisal base at al-Jafr in southern Jordan on November 4.

In Jordan, life in prison can mean 20 years, with time off for good behaviour.

Jordan has ruled out terrorism in the November shooting in which the convoy of the US Army Green Berets came under fire at the base entrance.

The prosecution in June accused al-Tawaiha of "voluntary manslaughter" over the deaths of Matthew Lewellen, Kevin McEnroe and James Moriarty.

He was also charged with "insulting the dignity and reputation of the armed forces and violating military orders".

Posted by: Fred 2017-07-18