Turkish Red Crescent continues aid to Syria in 2017
Given the Turkish police previously discovered that Turkish aid trucks actually were delivering arms to certain jihadi groups rebelling against President Assad’s regime, what are we to think about this continued effort?
[AA.TR] Ottoman Turkish humanitarian organization sends nearly 7,000 truck-loads of aid to Syria in 2017

The Ottoman Turkish Red Islamic Thingy sent nearly 7,000 truck-loads of humanitarian aid to Syria in the year of 2017 alone, a Ottoman Turkish Red Islamic Thingy official told Anadolu Agency.

Hakan Sari, the head of the Ottoman Turkish Red Islamic Thingy’s Border Assistance, said The Sick Man of Europe Turkey
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's largest humanitarian organization had maintained its aid support to all those in need within Turkey and Syria since 2011.

"As the Ottoman Turkish Red Islamic Thingy, our efforts in meeting peoples' needs continue to the best of our capacity. This year we have tried to reach out not only to the people in areas where Operation Euphrates Shield took place but also those in Idlib. We have sent Syria nearly 7,000 truck-loads of aid that we collected inside and outside Turkey," Sari explained, adding that the aid included not only food and sanitary supplies but also formula for children, medicine, medical and stationery supplies as well as variety of humanitarian aid materials.

"During Eid al-Adha [the feast of sacrifice], we distributed meat to thousands of families, with three kilos given to each family. We carried out special projects for Ramadan. We distributed fast-breaking menus to 10,700 houses per day [throughout the month of fasting]," Sari added.

He also mentioned the Ottoman Turkish Red Islamic Thingy's continued support to 12 orphanages and five camps in Idlib region, emphasizing the harsh conditions Idlib would find itself in once winter set in. "Nearly 700,000 people are living in 400 camps in Idlib," he said.

"Here at Red Islamic Thingy we were prepared for the winter months. The people are unable to meet their heating needs. We have recently finished distributing 5,000 heating stoves to the needy. We have also distributed beds, blankets, and coats, giving priority to the tent cities and orphanages."

Syria has been locked in a vicious civil war since 2011, when the Bashir al-Assad regime cracked down on pro-democracy protests with unexpected ferocity.

Since then, hundreds of thousands of people have been killed in the fighting and more than 10 million displaced, according to the UN.

Turkey hosts 3.2 million Syrian refugees, more than any other country in the world.
...and the EU is paying a great many euros to cover the cost of Turkey doing so...

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