People flee Paris Zoo as baboons reenact trek to Mecca
[FoxNews] Baboons running wild around Paris sounds like it could be a good idea for plot of the next "Jumanji" movie, but it's actually happening.

The Paris Zoological Park said visitors have been evacauted from the popular attraction after members of its baboon population escaped from their enclosure.

Initially, approximately 50 baboons were reported to have escaped, according to The Guardian. They were congregating around the centerpiece of the zoo, known as the Grand Rocher, or "Big Rock." It's unclear whether the baboons were marking their territory or were simply checking out the rest of their digs.

Recent reports have said that all but four of the baboons have been captured.

Zoo spokesman Jerome Munier said all four have been located in a closed area. Zoo employees plan to use sedative arrows to capture them and put them back with the rest of the group of 50 baboons.
Posted by: Skidmark 2018-01-27