UAE-backed forces capture new town from former Saudi allies in southern Yemen
[ALMASDARNEWS] The UAE-backed Southern Resistance forces continued their operations against the Saudi-backed regime of ’Abd Rubbah Mansour Hadi, Wednesday, targeting another town under the control of the latter’s loyalists in southern Yemen.

According to Yemeni activists, the Southern Resistance forces managed to capture the town of ’Ataq in the Shabwa Governorate after a short exchange of hostilities with the Hadi loyalists in the area.

As a result of this advance, the Southern Resistance forces have now taken hold of two important areas in southern Yemen.

The Southern Resistance forces previously demanded the Yemeni President reshuffle his cabinet in order to avoid hostilities; however, Hadi failed to do so, which prompted the UAE-backed forces to launch their assault in southern Yemen.
Posted by: Fred 2018-02-01