Accused serial killer's methods eerily match Stephen King story
[NYPost] In Stephen King’s macabre short story "The Lawnmower Man," a sex-crazed landscaper murders and dismembers the suburban homeowner who hires him to cut his overgrown lawn.
Well, they properly spelled Mr. King's name.
The tale ends when detectives arrive and end up trying to gather up the victim’s remains, which are scattered in a backyard birdbath and throughout the expanse of freshly mown grass.

While King’s story is the stuff of fiction, a real-life version seems to be playing amid the manicured lawns and neat flower boxes of Canada’s largest city, where officials are digging for human remains after the arrest of a landscape contractor last month.

Bruce McArthur, 66, was charged in Toronto with the murder of five men. Police say that they may be dealing with a serial killer, and that there may be many more victims.

McArthur, a jovial and portly man who was a fixture in the bars and eateries of Toronto’s Gay Village district, had also played Santa Claus at a suburban mall last Christmas, according to his Facebook page, which was taken down shortly after his arrest last month.

[Dean Lisowick in an undated photo. Bruce McArthur has been charged for his murder.
[Undated photo that looks more like his first booking than AARP ID. I believe the PD may have had some contact with him.
In Toronto, police now believe McArthur’s alleged victims may also include women. He described himself as "sexually versatile" on the SilverDaddies dating site.

On his dating profile, McArthur wrote, "I can be a bit shy until I get to know you, but am a romantic at heart."

His next court appearance is scheduled for Valentine’s Day
Irony. It's what's for breakfast.
Posted by: Anomalous Sources 2018-02-04