OOPS: Steele took ‘Trump dossier' to the STATE DEPT under Obama too…
[Right Scoop] Former State Dept. Spokeschick Nuland admitted that Christopher Steele provided a version of the Trump dossier to the State Department under Obama as well.

She explains what they did:

Former Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland tells that Christopher Steele, author of the Russia dossier, shared similar information with the State Department: pic.twitter.com/4QS32hAlQq

‐ Face The Nation (@FaceTheNation) February 4, 2018
Is she just covering the State Dept’s hind quarters on this one? There are indications that the next "memo" will be about the State Department, and that there are already investigations underway....
Posted by: Besoeker 2018-02-05