Murdered US soldiers seen in shocking ISIS video were ill-equipped for Niger ambush - traveling in lightly armored pick-up trucks with barely enough weapons - as they were diverted from low risk patrol to hunt terrorist
[DailyMail] Two minutes of that video can be seen at the link, along with some photos.
  • ISIS released footage of the Niger ambush that killed four US soldiers on Sunday

  • The nine-minute video was taken mainly from helmetcams of the slain soldiers

  • They had been assigned to visit villages around their base of Ouallam to meet locals as part of a charm offensive aimed at dissuading locals from backing terror groups

  • But the soldiers were redeployed to join hunt for Doundoun Cheffou, a suspected local terrorist leader, according to The New York Times

  • Even lawmakers knew nothing of the action in Niger, having been told that troops there were just training and advising local troops

  • The soldiers were reportedly ill-equipped in lightly armored pick-up trucks and an SUV, mainly carrying M4 carbines, when they were ambushed on October 4

  • It was the largest combat loss of American lives in Africa since the infamous Black Hawk Down incident in Somalia in 1993, when 19 American troops died

  • The incident raised questions about role of 800 US troops stationed in Niger

Posted by: Skidmark 2018-03-06