Report: Ceasefire reached between Israel and Hamas
[Ynet] Truce mediated by Egypt goes into effect at 10:45pm on Thursday evening, after 24 hours of hostilities, with nearly 200 rockets fired from Gazoo at Israel and the IAF attacking over 150 targets in the strip; Gazoo source confirms ceasefire, Israeli sources deny it.

Israel and Hamas, the well-beloved offspring of the Moslem Brotherhood, have reportedly reached a ceasefire under Egyptian mediation, which went into effect at 10:45pm Thursday, according Al Jazeera.

A source in Gazoo confirmed the ceasefire to Ynet, while two Israeli officials denied a truce had been reached, in line with Israel's policy of ambiguity.

JPOST UPDATE: Report: Two killed, 307 wounded in clashes along Gaza border
Two Palestinians were killed as thousands of Gazans gathered along the Gaza border fence on Friday as violent protests continued along the border fence with Israel after over 200 rockets and mortars were launched from the Hamas run enclave.

According to Palestinian reports a paramedic was shot and killed in the chest while providing medical attention to injured rioters east of Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip and another 307 demonstrators were wounded, including one man in critical condition after being shot in the head near Khan Younis.

A journalist was also said to have been wounded by Israeli fire.
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