University of Birmingham 'Male & Pale' Professors assigned minders
[Victory Girls] The Social Justice Warrior cult on university campuses just got another boost. Say hello to the University of Birmingham where being a Senior Academic while male and pale means being "assigned a junior female colleague from an ethnic minority as a mentor". "Reverse Mentors"? What could go wrong?

The project’s overseer is Professor Jon Rowe. It’s not that he is directly charging his fellow penis of pallor academics of overt SIXHIRB, but he hopes these nubile, young vagina possessors will leave the seniors "feeling quite uncomfortable".
"What is understood about unconscious bias is that we have all got it, but the more you learn about it and become conscious of it, the more you can act ...

While it is well known and obvious that women and minority groups suffer setbacks to their career progression no one really understands why."

Rowe forgets that even people who have not gone to University can spot blatant question-begging. It is well known ranks up there with experts say or, the classic, studies show for fallacious assertions.

Are these white, male professors bigots? Have they been shown to engage in unlawful discrimination? Therefore, let’s be honest. These mentors are actually cultural minders. They are Big Sisters to monitor (and report) the professors’ fealty to The Cause.

Mao would proud.
Posted by: Besoeker 2018-08-14