Syrian Army launches powerful assault in northern Hama
[ALMASDARNEWS] The Syrian Arab Army unleashed a powerful assault inside northern Hama, tonight, targeting several areas controlled by the jihadist rebels.

According to a military communique from the Hama Governorate, the Syrian Arab Army’s 4th adn 11th divisions hammered Jaish al-Izza’s positions in northern Hama, hitting the latter’s trenches around the town of Markabah.

The Syrian Army would then expand their attack to the towns of Zakat and al-Lataminah, where they would fire several missiles and artillery shells towards the jihadist defenses.

In particular, the Syrian Arab Army focused on the network of trenches that the jihadist rebels built around the front-line in the Hama Governorate.

With the Syrian Army preparing to attack this imperative region, the jihadist rebels have been vigorously raising new trenches in preparation for this imminent offensive.
Posted by: Fred 2018-08-25