Woman in Dubai lends ‘lover’ $1.3 million, he marries her friend instead
[ENGLISH.ALARABIYA.NET] A woman in Dubai who reportedly "holds a high position in an international investments company" lent 5 million dirhams ($1.3 million) to her colleague after she was convinced he loved her.
Hey, I love you too, beppy! I love you more'n he did, more even than he said he did!
A Dubai court was successful in proving the woman lent him 4.5 million dirhams out of the amount she claimed.
Ummm... By the way, as long as you're flush, could you slide a few dirhams my way? I'm a little short...
The woman had lent her colleague the huge money after she was convinced of his love and hoped for marriage, according to local news site Emarat al-Youm.
Well, of course I'll marry you, honey. Ummm... I need the money to ditch my current ball and chain. She doesn't understand me...
She lent him the money in installments and in different ways over two years, but instead of paying his debt, he married her other colleague.
Posted by: Fred 2018-08-29