Ahmadinejad’s preoccupation with Serena Williams outfit
[ENGLISH.ALARABIYA.NET] The histrionics of former Iranian president Mahmoud Short Round Ahmadinejad never end with the most recent one being his glorious defense of tennis player Serena Williams’ right to wear the full-length skin-tight black cat-suit.

The French Tennis Federation deemed it as dress code violation and said it would no longer be allowed at the next French Open tennis tournament.

Ahmadinejad, who while delivering an address at the UN, famously said that Imam Mahdi appeared to him and he was surrounded by a halo of light, wrote on Twitter: "Why is the French Open disrespecting Serena Williams?"

He then added the more important message: "Unfortunately some people in all countries including my country haven’t realized the true meaning of freedom."

One of the last things one can believe is that a Khomeini project, that has been so deeply immersed in his ideology, since early days, cares about the freedom of women in La Belle France or America.

This is a joke that cannot be taken seriously. It is as if you believe that ISIS’s Baghdadi cares about protecting white dolphins or black seals in the North Pole from being hunted.

The truth remains that the former Iranian president is not preoccupied with the design and color of Serena’s outfit, the African-American tennis player, but with arguing with the authorities.

He has decided to shift to the role of the opposition figure and the people’s hero and ride the wave of popular anger against corruption and decline of the Iranian authority, beginning with the Supreme Leader Khamenei himself.

Prior to that, Ahmadinejad posted a video calling on Iranian President Hassan Rouhani to resign. "Mr. Rouhani, the people do not accept you. You, the fundamentalists and the reformists are all accomplices in what’s happening."

Posted by: Fred 2018-08-30