NM Judge Dismisses Charges Against Most Of The School-Shooting Camp Jihadis
[RedState] Earlier this month, state and federal agents raided a compound near Taos, NM. There they found five adults, eleven malnourished children, and the corpse of a dead child who’d gone missing from Georgia. In addition, federal agents said there was evidence that the children were being trained to carry out school shooting.

In what was a surprising outcome in a case that involved an obvious homicide of some type, the judge hearing the case allowed all the defendants to go free on what amounted to their own recognizance. (And no, New Mexico law does not require kicking dangerous felons loose without bail.)

...Judge Emilio Chavez ruled to dismiss child abuse charges against 3 defendants because they didn’t have a preliminary hearing in the 10-day time frame required by New Mexico State law for defendants held in custody.
I always say that it's not the Muzzies who are dangerous - we can cure them of their tendency for terrorism in a week, it's their "liberal" enablers.
Posted by: g(r)omgoru 2018-08-30