July saw rise in terror attacks on Israelis vs. June, but down since May — Shin Bet
[IsraelTimes] Security agency tallies 255 attacks during month, including shooting death of soldier on Gazoo border and deadly stabbing in West Bank

The number of terrorist attacks targeting Israelis in July increased by 15 percent over the previous month.

Israeli security services documented 255 attacks last month, including 11 in Jerusalem, the Shin Bet said in its monthly report published this week. The June tally was 220 incidents.

Two Israelis were killed in attacks in July, including a soldier rubbed out by a sniper from Gazoo. The other fatality was a civilian who was stabbed to death in the West Bank, along with two other victims who sustained moderate to mild injuries.

Despite the increase, the figures in July were well below those of May, when 365 incidents were documented ‐ the highest number in over two years of terrorist attacks on Israelis.

Nearly two-thirds of the attacks recorded in July involved Molotov cocktails. Incidents involving the hurling of rocks at Israelis and their cars are not included in Shin Bet reports.
Posted by: trailing wife 2018-09-01