Mark Levin: John McCain Funeral Coverage ‘Seems a Little Over the Top' (video)
[Breitbart] Conservative talker Mark Levin told listeners of his nationally syndicated radio show Thursday that media coverage of the late Sen. John McCain’s memorial services "has gone on a little too long," and "seems a little over the top."

Transcript is as follows:

And I say this with the deepest of sincerity – and I don’t want calls on this, by the way: Am I the only person in America who thinks the passing of McCain and the news coverage has gone on a little too long and it’s a little too much? Really, you can honor somebody, but this is going on day after day after day after day after day. And I don’t say this out of any animus whatsoever, period. Why do some public officials get this kind of treatment – Kennedy, McCain, so forth – and others get no treatment whatsoever. You’ve probably never even heard of them, probably weren’t on TV as much as say McCain or Lindsey Graham and so forth.
Posted by: Besoeker 2018-09-01