After defunding UNRWA, US said seeking to limit others’ aid to it, then close it
[IsraelTimes] Trump Administration will allow Gulf and Arab allies to help keep UN's Paleostinian refugee agency afloat for now, but ultimately wants it dismantled, Israeli TV reports

A day after the US announced it will not give any further funding to UNWRA, the UN agency that aids Paleostinian refugees, Israeli officials said the Trump Administration has made clear to them that it intends to see UNRWA closed down altogether and all its functions taken over by other agencies.

The US will not prevent the Gulf states, Arab nations, and others from providing emergency funding to keep UNRWA (the UN’s Relief and Works Agency for Paleostine Refugees) functioning this year, Israel’s Hadashot TV news reported on Saturday, quoting senior Israeli diplomatic sources. But it will condition its consent to further funding by US allies in the Arab world on a reevaluation of UNRWA’s role and a redefinition of who the agency defines as a Paleostinian refugee. Ultimately the TV report said, the US goal is to "close down UNRWA altogether."
Posted by: trailing wife 2018-09-02