Bank Tells South African Farmers They Will Have to Pay Debts for Property Seized by the State
[Breitbart] South African farmers subjected to land expropriation without compensation will still have to pay off their debts for property which has been seized by the state, according to a major bank.

In an email from Nedbank widely circulated on social media, now confirmed as genuine by Head of Group Media Relations Kedibonea Molopyane, according to The South African, farmers are warned that their debts will have to be paid in full even after their property is confiscated by the government.

It reads as follows:
"It is important to note the Home Loan agreement is subject to a contractual agreement, and bond payments remain due and payable until such time that the bond is paid in full irrespective of any form of land expropriation ‐ with or without compensation. We would encourage you to continue with the bond payments until such time a determination is made."

The African National Congress (ANC) under President Cyril Ramaphosa passed a motion for the expropriation of land without compensation in February 2018, originally moved by its former youth leader Julius Malema ‐ who now heads the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), a radical black nationalist and Marxist-Leninist party.
Posted by: Besoeker 2018-09-03