Ethnicity Not A Factor In Elizabeth Warren's Rise In Law
...and if you can't trust the Boston Globe, who can you trust? Behold, perhaps the biggest whitewashing in the Globe's sordid history. Note the premise of the article - it's not Warren's claim of Native American ancestry, it's how Harvard supposedly didn't consider it a factor in her hiring, which is quickly contradicted a few paragraphs in. With bonus old Liz Warren pictures that'll make you spit out your morning coffee!
[Boston Globe] - CAMBRIDGE ‐ The 60-plus Harvard Law School professors who filed into an auditorium-style room on the first floor of Pound Hall on that February 1993 afternoon had a significant question to answer: Should they offer a job to Elizabeth Warren?

The atmosphere was a little fraught. Outside the hall, students held a silent vigil to demand the law school add more minorities and women to a faculty dominated by white men.
Note this second paragraph before the article goes on to declare...
In the most exhaustive review undertaken of Elizabeth Warren’s professional history, the Globe found clear evidence, in documents and interviews, that her claim to Native American ethnicity was never considered by the Harvard Law faculty, which voted resoundingly to hire her, or by those who hired her to four prior positions at other law schools. At every step of her remarkable rise in the legal profession, the people responsible for hiring her saw her as a white woman.
Tell me, dear reader, how does that square with the second paragraph? It doesn't.
Posted by: Raj 2018-09-03