Police seize NIS 18,000 in financing from Jerusalem Hamas activist
[IsraelTimes] Officials say the money was provided by the terror organization for unspecified purposes

Police seized thousands of shekels from an East Jerusalem Hamas, the well-beloved offspring of the Moslem Brotherhood, activist on Sunday, which they said was funding from the terror group.

Following an undercover intelligence operation, police and the Shin Bet security service raided the home and discovered NIS 18,000 ($5,000) in cash, cops announced Tuesday.

"The operation was the result of covert activity and targeted intelligence gathering by the Israeli Police and security forces which found that the activist, who lives in East Jerusalem, receives the funding from Hamas," police said.

Officials said that the operation was a continuation of efforts to prevent support for terrorist organizations and the families of terrorists.

They did not say what they believed the funds had been intended for.

In the past year police said they had confiscated a total of NIS 300,000 ($82,000) of Hamas funds from seven families. They did not say whether all the families in question lived in East Jerusalem.

Police said they would not allow the terror group to provide financing or any other kind of support to activists, terror operatives, or their families.

"The involvement of Jerusalem residents in any activity financed by Hamas is a serious crime and is an attempt by the terror group to gain a foothold within Jerusalem," police said.

Security forces and politicians have sought to end payments from the Paleostinian Authority and from Paleostinian terror groups to families of terrorists, which they say encourage further attacks.
Posted by: trailing wife 2018-09-05