Russian Forces Flood Into The Med Ahead Of Syrian Offensive
Russian Forces Flood Into The Med Ahead Of Syrian Offensive, Here's Everything (Almost) You Need To Know.

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, these assets include, but are not limited to:

The Slava-class guided missile cruiser Marshal Ustinov, which can carry up to 16 P-1000 Vulkan supersonic anti-ship cruise missiles and 64 long-range surface-to-air missiles across eight individual S-300F systems.

Udaloy-class destroyer Severomorsk, with the Metel missile system, which can carry up to eight anti-submarine or anti-ship missiles, as well as 64 short-to-medium range 3K95 surface-to-air missiles.
At least three Admiral Grigorovich-class frigates, each of which can carry up to eight Kalibr land-attack cruise missiles.

At least two Kilo-class submarines, which can also fire Kalibrs.
Tu-160 White Swan supersonic strategic bombers, also known as Blackjacks, which can carry Kh-101 air-launched land attack cruise missiles.

Tu-142MK Bear and Il-38 May maritime patrol aircraft, which can carry various anti-submarine weapons.
Russian Naval Aviation Su-30SM and Su-33 fighter jets, which could provide combat air patrols to defend the task force against any notional aerial attack or carry anti-ship cruise missiles to carry out their own maritime strikes.

Note that this list does not include any of Russia's forces presently deployed in Syria proper, which include additional combat aircraft and helicopters, air defense systems, artillery, and other assets. It is not clear if any of those units will participate in the exercises in the Mediterranean.
Posted by: Woodrow 2018-09-05