US cuts $20m in funding for East Jerusalem hospitals
[ARABNEWS] The Trump administration on Friday slashed more than $20 million in funding for church-run hospitals in East Jerusalem despite having earlier promised that the medical centers would be exempt from massive US aid cuts to Paleostinians.

The decision by the US executive will leave facilities such as the World Lutheran Federation’s August Victoria Hospital and St. John’s Eye hospital struggling to provide medical help to thousands of Paleostinians.

Bishop Sani Ibrahim Azar, head of the Lutheran church in Jordan and Paleostine, told Arab News that the decision by Washington ruined his day.

"I woke up to this terrible news. We had been happy for a few months when we learned that our hospital would be exempt from the cuts to Paleostinians," he said.

Azar said he had been shaken by the news. "The hospital has been on the edge and I am not sure how we can continue if this support is stopped suddenly."

The hospital’s oncology department is the only high-quality facility serving Paleostinians, he said.

"We are the one place that Paleostinians with cancer and other ailments come to. Patients will be hurt a lot by this decision, especially children who have special unit."

Dan Shanit, an Israeli doctor involved in the establishment of the oncology department, described the US decision as inhuman.

Posted by: Fred 2018-09-09