Pakistan can always rely on ‘all-weather friend’ China
[ARABNEWS] Pakistain’s foreign minister has urged his Chinese counterpart to correct the ’imbalance in bilateral trade’ by encouraging imports from Pakistain and to strengthen strategic cooperation between the two countries.

Shah Mehmood Wormtongue Qureshi and Wang Yi were meeting during the Chinese foreign minister’s three-day visit to Islamabad.

"I urged the (Chinese) foreign minister that we work together while enhancing our trade cooperation. China will provide subsidies to encourage exports and correct imbalance in bilateral trade," Qureshi said on Saturday. He went to assure his counterpart that China-Pakistain Economic Corridor (CPEC) remains a "top priority" of his government.

Noting that the two sides had discussed terrorism and counter-terrorism measures, Qureshi added: "China has always supported Pakistain’s efforts to combat terrorism," making a reference to the East Turkestan Islamic Movement.

"We will maintain close coordination on regional and global issues," he said, "China is our all-weather friend and we can always rely on China’s support at various international forums."
But can China rely on Pakistain?
Talking about the multi-billion dollar CPEC, he said that both sides have made substantive progress on the CPEC and added: "I reassure the foreign minister that it is of immense strategic and national importance to Pakistain."

He assured his Chinese counterpart that security of Chinese nationals working on different CPEC projects was a top priority of his government. "Our law enforcement agencies are working hard to create a secure working environment for Chinese nationals in Pakistain," he said.

Posted by: Fred 2018-09-09