IAF have begun air strikes on Gaza.
[JewishPress] A bus was hit by a rocket at approximately 4:30 PM on Monday. A young man, age 19, is seriously wounded, according to MDA. He was taken to Soroka Hospital for treatment.

The rocket alert did not sound before the strike.

Following that, the rocket alerts have not stopped going off along for the Gaza border communities, Ashekelon and Be’er Sheva regions. As of 5:28 PM, the rockets are still falling.

5:03 PM– Rocket reportedly hits house in Netivot, with no injuries

As of 5:18 PM, more than 90 rockets have been launched at Israel (the IDF says 80). Iron Dome has intercepted a number of them.

($15 million buys a lot of fireworks).

5:15 PM– Rocket hits Sderot, three Israelis lightly wounded from shrapnel

5 more people have been wounded by the rockets. They have been taken to Barzilai hospital.

The IAF have begun airstrikes on Gaza.

5:28 PM The rocket alerts have expanded to the Dead Sea area and Hebron region.
Video at the link.

Posted by: 3dc 2018-11-12