BREAKING: Broward County Election Recount Finished, Then Invalidated
h/t Red State

...in the flurry to get the state-mandated machine recounts finished by today’s hard deadline the Broward County Office of Elections had staff working overnight and throughout the day to make it to today’s 3:00 deadline. Reports came in that Broward County had completed the recount well before the cutoff. It was a rare dose of skillfulness from Supervisor Of Elections, Brenda Snipes.

...Two main, and surprising, discoveries were made when today’s recount totals came in. First, in the three races being recalculated, as mandated by state law ‐ US Senate, Florida Gubernatorial, and Florida Agriculture Commissioner ‐ the totals came in nearly 2,000 votes fewer than the previous tally. Secondly, there was a significant gulf between the candidates. The drop in figures for each race is here:

U.S. Senatorial
Rick Scott: -606 votes
Bill Nelson: -1,385 votes

Florida Gubernatorial
Ron DeSantis: -621 votes
Andrew Gillum: -1,373 votes

Florida AG Commissioner
Matt Caldwell: -616 votes
Nikki Fried: -1,381 votes

...But then something happened. Given that the three races were seeing net gains for the GOP candidates an announcement was made that suddenly the recount totals were not being recognized by Tallahassee. The reports were that the submission was not made in time and, as required by state election law, the prior totals would stand as official.

...So just as the State ‐ and to a greater extent, the nation ‐ breathed a sigh of surprised relief that a protracted nightmare may have been averted, Brenda Snipes and her Broward County cohorts managed to snatch failure from the jaws of competency.

Posted by: g(r)omgoru 2018-11-16