Somali Muslim Arrested for Attempting to Mow Down Jews With Car in Front of L.A. Synagogue
[PJMEDIA] Los Angeles police are investigating an incident Friday night as a potential hate crime after a Somali man, 32-year-old Mohamed Mohamed Abdi, attempted to run down worshipers standing outside a Hancock Park synagogue.

Security video from Friday night shows the driver making a hard U-turn.

CBSLA interviewed one of the victims, who says he and his friend were the target.

"We both scrambled in different directions so he slammed on his brakes and missed us thank God," the victim, who asked to remain anonymous, said.

A second security video shows the driver reversing and trying to hit them again.

"He clearly was going at us and it was even more clear on round two," said the victim.

It happened on La Brea in Hancock Park, on a corner with a couple synagogues and on the Sabbath where many walk around in traditional attire.

"Why he chose us? Probably because of the yarmulkes on our heads," the victim said.

Abdi is currently being held on $55,000 bail.

This incident occurred less than a month after the horrific Pittsburgh synagogue attack that left 11 dead.
Update from the LA Times at 3:00pm ET:
A native of Mogadishu in Somalia, Abdi is a U.S. citizen who emigrated to the Seattle area several years ago, Los Angeles Police Department Deputy Chief Horace Frank said. He rented a car and drove to Los Angeles sometime last week, though it was not clear if he knew anyone in the area or why he came to the city.

Investigators did not say if Abdi specifically targeted Congregation Bais Yehuda.

Frank said Abdi’s chosen method of attack ‐ driving toward a crowd of pedestrians ‐ and the fact that he was carrying a knife were "very concerning." He noted that Abdi’s actions mirror those of other terror attacks in recent years, where so-called lone wolf assailants have used a rented vehicle rather than a firearm or bomb to cause carnage in open spaces.
Posted by: Fred 2018-11-27