Heavy rain turns Tijuana asylum seeker camp to mud
[Al Jazeera] As heavy downpours Thursday night flooded the already unsanitary encampment in Tijuana's northern side where thousands of Central American asylum seekers are being housed, authorities began moving small groups to a new government-run indoor shelter, 20km east of the US-Mexico border.

A total of 700 out of the 6,000 people sheltered at the Benito Juarez sports complex were transported in buses to the new facility.

Buses arrived on Friday morning to transport others, but many expressed scepticism due to the distance the new shelter is from the border.

The rain had turned most of the camp to mud, flooded tents and forced some migrants colonists and refugees to move out of the shelter and onto neighbouring streets where concrete floors made for better sleeping ground.

Living conditions for migrants colonists and refugees are getting worse and wait times for the asylum process are increasingly drawn-out, exasperating Tijuana officials and migrants colonists.

Mirna Contreras was sitting in her tent waiting out the rain on Thursday afternoon. She said she was sad because she didn't have enough money to rent a room in a local hotel.

"My tent is slowly flooding. It's really cold at night and I have a bad cold," she told Al Jazeera.
Posted by: Fred 2018-12-01