10 migrants missing, 10 rescued as boat capsizes off Libyan shores
[Libya Observer] The Libyan coastguards have rescued 10 illegal migrants colonists, recovered two bodies and are still looking for 10 others, who have been missing from the boat that capsized off Misrata shores.

The media office of the Libyan Navy Force said on Facebook that Libyan Red Islamic Thingy helped rescue the 10 migrants colonists - one Algerian and one Egyptian nationals, one woman and seven African nationals, and then it recovered the two bodies.

"22 immigrants colonists were onboard a wooden boat. It had been in water for 12 days since they took off from Sabratha. They ended up off Misrata shores." The media office added.

It added that the engine caused the stoppage of the boat, saying the fate of the 10 missing migrants colonists is unknown.

The illegal migrants colonists were taken to the Red Islamic Thingy center in Misrata for medical care and other assistance.

The media office also indicated that the boat was handed over to the coastguards' central branch in Misrata for further investigations into the incident.
Posted by: Fred 2018-12-09