My Simple, Effective Comprehensive Illegal Immigration Reform Plan
[Townhall] Get out, illegals. Go home. Or don’t go home ‐ I don’t care where you go. You just can’t stay here in America.

This is my elegant, uncomplicated comprehensive immigration reform plan. If we did not invite you in ‐ if you didn’t have the basic courtesy and respect for this country to ask to come here, then get out. And don’t come back ‐ if you snuck into America, you don’t get to come back.

It’s simple and fair. The fair part is important, because it’s about time that our immigration laws be fair to the only people who should matter when we make our policies ‐ American citizens.

Yes, the goal of our immigration system should be one thing ‐ to benefit American citizens. It may scandalize the elite to prioritize our own people, but that’s okay ‐ in fact, I hope they run in 2020 on a platform of putting foreigners first.
Posted by: g(r)omgoru 2019-04-19