4 militants killed as U.S. airstrike destroy Humvee packed with explosives in Paktia
[KhaamaPress] The U.S. forces conducted an Arclight airstrike targeting a Humvee armoured personnel carrier packed with explosives in south-eastern Paktia province of Afghanistan, the Afghan military said Monday.

The 203rd Thunder Corps in a statement said Monday that the airstrike was carried out on Friday in the vicinity of Zurmat district.

The statement further added that four murderous Moslems were also killed during the same airstrike and the Humvee vehicle was completely destroyed.

According to 203rd Thunder Corps, the murderous Moslems were looking to use the Humvee to carry out an attack against the security forces.

In the meantime, the 203rd Thunder Corps said the U.S. forces carried out a similar airstrike in Andar district of Ghazni province leaving six murderous Moslems dead and a 4×4 vehicle destroyed.

The anti-government armed murderous Moslems including Taliban
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have not commented regarding the airstrikes so far.
Posted by: trailing wife 2019-04-24