Jordan’s King Abdullah II reshuffles top brass amid fears of instability
[IsraelTimes] General intelligence chief ousted after reports of bigwigs fomenting unrest, calling for mass protests against the government.

King Abdullah II of Jordan has reshuffled his top brass amid fears of instability
How could you tell?
in the Arab country.

The most prominent change reported this week by state news agency Petra is the replacement of the general intelligence chief.

In a letter to the new director, Ahmed Hossni, the king cited "many unprecedented challenges" imposed by regional and international dynamics, according to Petra.

Several officials at the influential Royal Court were also sacked.

Jordan is an oasis of stability in a turbulent Middle East and it has housed millions of refugees fleeing wars in neighboring Syria and Iraq.

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local discontent has grown over the increasing cost of living and government mismanagement. Protesters last year forced the king to fire the government.

Some Arab media reports said that several of those who were fired had been encouraging further mass protests.

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